The 124 bus route in Bangkok starts it journey at Sanamluang and winds its way through the city ending at Rongrian Rattanakosin Somphot Bowonniwet Sala Ya and for the past 40 years or so this was our busses sole purpose in life. I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of people that have relied on this bus over the years.

n February 2020 our bus was retired and instead of a less than graceful run to the scrap yard, the bus has been given a new lease of life for divers to enjoy for what we hope will be many years to come. The preparation of the bus has been quite extensive, we wanted a wreck that would hold some meaning and provide the perfect introduction to wreck diving.

The engine and transmission have all been removed and it took some extensive cleaning to make sure there were no fluids left that would contaminate the lake. 

There was quite a discussion on removing the windows, but to provide as many entry and exit points, all glass was removed and an “escape hatch” cut out of the roof as well. The seating configuration of 2 – 1 provides lots of space for divers to make there way through the wreck and again, the addition of a live camera streaming from inside the bus to the restaurant means that everyone can enjoy the experience.

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