Shortly after dropping in our wrecks back in September, it was time to get started on our dive kit storage and prepare the grounds for our clubhouse.

We knew pretty early on that we wanted to use a shipping container to store all the dive kit by the lake’s edge. So after marking out the best position for the container to be placed, it was driven in and now sits facing the water.


Next, came the groundwork for the clubhouse and open-air seating area. To be as sustainable as possible, we tried to use as many existing materials (mainly steel and concrete) as we could from the original Bungy Jump location.



In November, a whole 2 months later, our clubhouse was finally finished! Complete with a nearby toilet and shower block!
The club house is designed to be a relaxing space throughout the diving day as well as somewhere to have a drink and a bite to eat. Perfect for chilling out during courses, getting in some last minute studying time, socializing with other divers and for families to reconvene after a busy day of watersports and activities!


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