One of the joys of diving is discovery. Discovering things that you don’t see every day, capturing those memories and sharing the experience with family and friends. We have tried hard to provide a mixture of interesting and unusual things to explore that suit all diving abilities to provide a unique and memorable experience for every dive and every diver.

The confined area is located just off the beach in front of the restaurant.  With live video back to the restaurant, friends and family will be able to watch the divers learning their skills and exploring the underwater environment. The confined area is around 2m in depth providing the perfect training ground for new divers.

Situated in our confined area will be a small Tuk Tuk, this will be in just 2m of water even our youngest divers (age 8 and up) can experience the thrill of discovery and of course get the photo opportunity of sitting in a Tuk Tuk underwater.

Like all of our “wrecks” they have been created with the divers ability in mind, so sharp and edges and nothing preventing the diver from getting to the surface.  We plan to provide a live video stream to the restaurant so friends and family can experience the dive themselves.

One of the big advantages of having a permanently set up training facility is everything is there and already laid out for the divers, from hoops for testing buoyancy to treasure for underwater exploration.

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