A lot has been happening here at Sanook Divers and it’s about time we updated you with what’s been going on! So starting from where we left off, September was a pretty big month for us as we started to add some wrecks to our lake.


We decided to start with the 124 bus, which you may recognise from the cover photo on our facebook page. First, we attached 2 metal spokes to the underside of the bus, then tied several buoys to the spokes in order to make it float. The digger helped steady the bus down the bank and into the water, where we could glide it into position. Once satisfied, we untied the buoys and let the bus sink in its own time.

Next, came the camouflaged yellow and black Isuzu pickup truck. This was definitely a much easier challenge as the digger could simply pick it up and drop it directly in the water. If you’re interested, you can read about the origins of both these wrecks in our previous blogs!
Shortly before any movement started on the lake, we had obtained a few tuk tuks that had been labelled unfit for purpose and abandoned in local sois around Pattaya. These are now part of our makeshift wrecks, as well as an underwater playground area to explore.

Over time, we’re hoping to add more and more wrecks for you to discover and enjoy, so please let us know what wrecks you’d like to as we’re always open to your suggestions and ideas!

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