When we think of scuba diving we automatically think of the ocean, surrounded by wild marine life and nothing but the deep blue sea. But what if you don’t live near the ocean? Or if you suffer from seasickness? Or perhaps you don’t have the time to head out on a boat for the entire day? Well, there’s a simple solution for you – lake diving! 

Lake diving is one of the most convenient and family-friendly ways to enjoy scuba diving all year round! There’s no travel involved, non-divers can also enjoy themselves and it provides such a great training ground for both beginners and more advanced divers. 

If you want to test new or recently serviced scuba gear, practise your buoyancy or photography skills, then head to the lake for it! You can literally dive at any time in a completely safe environment without weather related or time restrictions. This also makes it the perfect place to try scuba diving for the first time, become accustomed to new equipment and to take further PADI courses in your diving journey. It’s also the perfect location for families to stay together in a secure and well protected safety zone, as your children explore the water. 

Plus, in our lake we’ve added something a little extra! Take full advantage of our underwater wrecks, photography sculpture park and other attractions to explore – built with you in mind!

So whether you’re after an amazing and safe introduction to the world of scuba diving, want to further your skills or just fancy something new, try lake diving! 

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