We have, after many months of work finally agreed the lease on a wonderful lake in the heart of Pattaya. The lake itself is a little under 11 rai in size (4,2 Acres or 17,000 sqm) and has an average depth of 5m with a maximum depth of 10m. When the lake is full the maximum depth will be around 12m. The visibility is around 7m.

Whilst the whole site will be home to several activities, I will focus here on the plans for the diving side of things.

On the lakes edge will be a restaurant/clubhouse to allow divers and their families to relax, whilst the main diving building will house the classroom for theory classes. Lockers, changing rooms and showers will all be available on site.

Since we have the advantage of being able to custom design almost every aspect to make the best diving location that we can, we have spent a lot of time focussing on activities and areas to suit all levels of divers.

For those learning to dive, areas of just 2m (and less) deep provide a calm and safe confined water learning environment and with a Tuk Tuk sunk in these shallows, even first timers are able to get the perfect souvenier photo diving.

As training progresses there will be permanently setup training facilities for buoyancy, navigation and even metal detecting. This all maximises your diving time when compared to learning to dive either in a pool or the ocean.

For budding and seasoned photographers alike, in addition to the variety of wrecks to photograph there will also be a sculpture garden where difference techniques can quickly be practiced.

An old bus will be used in the deeper part of the lake to introduce divers to wreck diving. A bus naturally provide a very light, spacious and unique wreck to dive on. A more challenging sunken boat will also provided as well.

We aim to be able to provide a full range of PADI courses at the lake and where neccessary, these will be combined with the required sea based dives to complete certification.

I am really keen on building a community around the lake,where diving can be as convenient as something not just restricted to weekends, but something you can do on the way home from work or before a night out. A place where we remove many of the barriers and concerns to diving and reducing the costs of what is one of the most enjoyable of sports.

Please join us on our journey over the coming months.

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