Pattaya being a coastal city and our lake being less than 1km away from the ocean it does beg the question, why would you bother. It is a fair question and indeed, there is no substitute for the ocean in terms of the diversity of dive sites, corals and fish that you share your dive with.

Here are my top reasons why diving at the lake makes sense.

1. Travel Time

Unfortunately, Pattaya is not blessed with shore diving, that means a minimum of 45 minutes travelling time once you have got on board the boat (for the far islands over an hour and a half). To allow the boat to leave on time, you can expect a pickup at around 8am at the latest.

2. Waiting around

Depending on the boat you are on, you are likely to be with 20 to 50 other divers, space on board will always be limited and during the day you will typically do two dives. Each dive takes 45 minutes to an hou, so for an hour and a halfs diving you are out at sea all day. Certainly not ideal, especially if you get sea sick.

3. Dive any time

It doesn’t matter if you are new to diving or a seasoned vetran diver. Located within a 5 minute drive of most hotels in the area you can just pop down and take a dive at your convenience, bring the family along and let them specate (or they are welcome to join one of the otheractivities available)

4. Calm and clear

At the lake, you know exactly what the conditions will be in advance. There is no current, there are no powered bots of Jetskis to take you by surprise. There is always a minimum visibility of at least 7m.

5, Designed from the bottom up to provide perfect diving

With wrecks and interesting objects placed between 2m and 10m deep, even the youngest of divers can safely experience getting the picture perfect photo with submerged tuk tuk, boat, pickup truck and even an old Bangkok Bus. For training, the confined area is permanently set up providing each of the neccessary skill stations from buoyancy to navigation to treasure hunting!

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